The Modern day Wine Carrier

10 19th, 2009 Author: AStarling



I went out to dinner the other night and saw a couple coming into the dining area carring a brown bag.  I knew right away what they were carring.  Yes, you guessed it.  It was a bottle of wine.  All is well and good but, I think that if you are going to bring your own bottle of wine you should carry into the dining area in something more modern.

There are many different types of Wine Carriers today.  They even come equipped with the corkscrew and the glasses.  They come in many different sizes also, they hold from one bottle of wine to about 4 bottles of wine.

So, the next time you may opt to bring your own bottle of wine into the dining area of a resturant in a brown bag,  you may want to see what a modern day wine carrier looks like.

What are the best picnic backpacks!

10 15th, 2009 Author: AStarling




This is naturally going to depend upon what you’re looking for when you set out for your picnicking adventures. For many, keeping everything they need in one convenient space. For larger groups, a bit of extra weight taken out of their hands and put on their back is the ultimate goal. Whichever is your interest, you can find quite a few different choices that will allow you to conveniently transport everything you need for your picnicking excursion as well as comfortably bear the load so that you aren’t weakened by the weight, when you’re supposed to be relaxing. To help you decide what will be the prime choice for you, here are a few of the basic models.

The most basic model is simply a cooler with straps. This is usually made of insulated fabric that will keep all of your food at a low temperature. This material is very light and extremely helpful in keeping your food from going warm during the hot summer heat. This can mean wilted greens and soft fruit, which no one enjoys. As the cooler is the largest piece of equipment that people take picnicking, this is the obvious choice for storing on your back. Aside from the insulated fabric, you can even find models such as thermoelectric units that will actually cool your food in pack form. However improved in cooling power, these are much heavier and awkward to carry.

You can find many models called wine picnic backpacks that are specifically for carrying wine bottles.  This is very helpful with wine glasses, which can be very delicate to move around. Also, wine bottles can be quite heavy, so they are definitely well held on your back.

Furthermore, you can find models for your back that are much more practical than just a cooler. Many models come not just with the cooler pocket, but separate pockets for picnicking accessories that will help you keep everything in one convenient spot. The most exigent of these units will hold plates and silverware in secure pockets and straps. These are bit more expensive since you pay extra for the accessories, however they are well worth the added expense for an improved picnicking experience.

Regardless of what you’re interested, you’ll find added convenience and comfort by putting some of your weight on one of the stronger parts of your body.

A Great Money Saving Idea

08 25th, 2009 Author: AStarling


I found this great article in E-Zine and thought I would pass it on to all my readers.  In todays ecomony this seems like it would be a great idea for all you restaurant goers.

Do you think that $10.00 is too much to pay for a glass of wine when you dine out? Would you like to enjoy a bottle of wine at your favorite restaurant without feeling like you’ve been taken to the cleaners? If you said yes, then you should check out a bring your own bottle restaurant near you soon.

There is a growing trend in the Country toward bring your own bottle restaurants. The concept is simple, you bring the wine and the restaurant provides the glasses, ice and corkscrew. In many cases, the server will even open the wine bottle for you. The idea of a bring your own bottle restaurant is good for you and for the restaurant owner.

You will benefit from visiting a bring your own bottle restaurant in a few different ways. First, you’ll have a great bottle of wine without worrying about paying next month’s rent. Second, the two of you won’t feel like you have to agree on what kind of wine you want. Carrying two bottles to the BYOB restaurant still won’t break the bank. Finally you can bring any wine you can find at the store. You’ll never be limited to what’s on the menu again.

A bring your own bottle policy can also benefit the restaurant’s owner in several ways. First, in many states and localities, liquor licenses are very difficult to get. In places where they are available, they can cost close to a million dollars. This places them out of the reach of many restaurant owners. These facts make opening a bring your own bottle restaurant an attractive option to potential owners.

In addition, since there aren’t many bring your own bottle restaurants, owners can increase their market shares by tapping into the increasing number of people who want to bring their own. Finally, allowing customers to bring their own wine and spirits has positive cash flow and operating expense implications on the business. The restaurant’s cash flow benefits because it doesn’t have to maintain a large wine and liquor inventory and operating expenses benefit because the owner doesn’t have to employ a team of bartenders.

If you decide to go to a BYOB restaurant, you’re going to want an attractive wine carrier. Wine carriers come in a great variety of sizes, styles, materials and price ranges. There are wooden, canvas, wicker, aluminum and leather wine totes made to hold one to four bottles. You’ll have no problem finding one that you love and that won’t break your budget.

Most bring your own bottle restaurants allow you to bring your choice of wine, beer or other spirits. Some establishments do place limits on the volume of alcoholic beverages each person can bring so you may want to call ahead before you go. Enjoy a new experience and check out a bring your own bottle restaurant near you soon.

Alan Kassirer is an executive at Youth Advocate Programs, a large not-for-profit serving over 10,000 youth and families per year. He’s also been going to bring your own bottle restaurants in the Harrisburg, PA area for well over 10 years.

He also owns Picnic Baskets and More, an internet store offering wine carriers, barbecue tools, wicker picnic baskets, picnic backpacks, and other picnic accessories.

Life made easier

08 2nd, 2009 Author: AStarling


Summer time is a great time to get out doors.  We all know there are lots of out door activities that are fun for the family.  We all need to be careful when out doors in the summer if it is really hot out there.  We can dehydrate really easily when it is hot and humid out there.  Just be sure you have plenty something to drink and keep hydrated.


If you are planning a day at the park with your family bring along things to drink, you can pack a great rolling cooler full of drinks for you and your family.  I know that this type cooler makes things so much easier as it has wheels and a great extendable handle, nothing to carry to make you hot and sticky before your day even begins.


08 2nd, 2009 Author: AStarling




I don’t know about you, but I am trying to skimp and save my pennies these days.  I cook extra for the week and that helps me to pack a lunch for work during the week.  Brownbagging is nothing new, when times get hard.  I think right now qualifies as hard times.

I don’t per say brownbag, but I do have a modern day lunch tote that I pack my lunch in.  It is very stylish and could even carry other things when I am not at the office.

Make Sure Your Seat Is Reserved

07 10th, 2009 Author: PicnicPacker

Imagine you just arrived to the ballpark, eager to watch your favorite team in action. You’re a bit late, and the only seats still available are in the bleachers. It’s a cold day, and even though you’ve bundled up accordingly, the seat feels especially cold and undeniably rock-hard. This scenario happened to my family more than once, but eventually I took action.

I did some comparison shopping and talked to some friends. Without exception, they recommended portable stadium seats. A few years and countless pleasant sporting events later, I’m sitting pretty – not to mention warm and comfortable. When my family piles into the car on game day, we pop the trunk and reserve our portable seats.

Stick with a Tried and True Classic

06 26th, 2009 Author: PicnicPacker

As a time-honored outdoor tradition, picnics bring to mind certain indelible images. When the topic comes up in conversation, some people are reminded of balmy summer evenings spent among friends. Other times, people think of the animals that are known to crash the party – maybe a hungry troop of ants or a swooping seagull. In any case, it’s these personal memories that make picnics such a celebrated pastime.

An outdoor lunch outing’s characteristics may be basic, but when taken as a whole they are the stuff of lasting memories. Some opt to bring along classic wicker picnic baskets, items made famous in Yogi Bear cartoons. These baskets are as durable as they are practical. Charged with the crucial task of carrying our foodstuffs to the woods, beach, or a grassy field, a wicker basket contains all the ingredients for a great afternoon.

The Modern Picnic Basket

06 9th, 2009 Author: PicnicPacker

When people think of picnic baskets, they probably get an image of something pretty rudimentary. And that’s technically not incorrect, because picnic baskets can be understood as any basket intended to carry food and accessories to an outdoor meal. These baskets, however, have undergone a great deal of change in the recent years, and as such, they have become increasingly elaborate.

To that end, a picnic basket will often contain insulated areas wherein hot food can be kept hot and cold food can be kept cool. This not only allows you to enjoy a hot meal in the outdoors, but it also means you don’t have to worry so much about items that need to be refrigerated going bad while you’re on the way to the lunch spot. These baskets are also often equipped with areas for plates, cutlery, and various accessories such as a corkscrew. Many have also been modified to accommodate a place for a bottle of wine as well as a detachable blanket.

The Easier Way to Picnic

05 26th, 2009 Author: PicnicPacker

No one should be excluded from the fun and spontaneity of an outdoor picnic. But for some people, carrying a picnic basket isn’t feasible. Once it’s filled with all the food and beverages, it can actually become somewhat heavy, and it might simply be too much to carry the basket all the way to the lunch spot. Or, if it’s not too heavy, maybe it’s simply too awkward. Many people, after all, like to bike into their picnic destination, and a basket makes that a bit tricky.

One solution is to look into any number of wine picnic backpacks. Not only are these specially equipped to safely and securely transport your wine, but they can also be worn like a standard backpack. By freeing both your hands, many picnickers find that a backpack makes the prospect of picnicking all the easier. And because you can bike or hike in, it also allows you to reach even more secluded and romantic areas than you might with a standard picnic basket.

Enjoy Your Chianti Outdoors

05 11th, 2009 Author: PicnicPacker

No picnic is complete without the right beverages. For some people, that means a thermos of hot tea or coffee. For others it means an assortment of fruit juices. But for many people, every picnic is best enjoyed with a lovely bottle of chardonnay or a nice, full bodied merlot. But if you’re a wine connoisseur, it used to be tricky for you to take a bottle with you on your picnic. Without the proper place to store it, it was simply too likely that the glass bottle would break in transit.

But now there’s an easy way to bypass this problem. With wine carriers, you can comfortably and easily bring along whatever bottle of wine you’d like. Often they are even outfitted with insulation, so the bottle won’t get overly hot or cold once it’s outside. The insulation also provides another level of padding, helping to ensure your wine will arrive to the picnic intact.